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This poem is a beam of love in the moonlight.

Poem: Like Moonlight


I am neither warm nor cold

If you want to feel my temperature

Then be humble and switch off your temperament

It is obvious that we are going to be more than friends

But first let’s find our secret spot in the sky

A place where we can be one with the cosmos

Like Moonlight, let us spread ourselves

And embrace the darkest corners of our being

We can follow our hearts and be naked

Or we can follow the rules and be translucent

It doesn’t matter what we do

As long as we occupy the night sky

Like Moonlight, let’s be secretive and mysterious

Let our love be soft and mellow

Let us put on the color of true love

And taste the ecstasy of being

I want to be your Moonlight tonight

And you can be my night-blooming jasmine

Together, we will glow and illuminate the sky

We will spread our fragrance

To all the corners of the world


©Kenneth Maswabi

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