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This poem is a voice of comfort to the human heart.

Poem: Listening to the voice of poetry


It’s not easy

To calm the face of life

With all the uncertainty

And the hopelessness

Flogging the shores of life

I can only choose the voice of poetry

To be my companion

Through the harsh hailstorms

And the dark cloud of sorrow

I will pour myself a cup of Love

From the pot of poetry

To soothe my spirit and calm my nerves

I will not quiver or shiver

As the ferocious whip strikes the cord of life

It’s a difficult time to be outside the womb of life

It’s horrible to witness the battered face of life

It’s terrible to look at the horizon

And see only hopelessness

It’s the sadness flooding the house of life

That make my heart to quiver with pain

Humanity is in pain

I am in pain

But I will not allow the roaring winds of fear

Into my heart

I will stand on the pedestal of hope

And pray for a new day

I will find the voice of poetry

And comfort the bereaved

I want to be the ray of sunshine

To be the sweet melody

To bring hope to the battered heart of humanity


©Kenneth Maswabi






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