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This poem is a portal into the world of silence, Love and everlasting life.

Poem: Listening


It takes more than the two ears

To bring yourself to the table of awareness

Your whole being has to be present

Your mind, body and soul

All wrapped up inside the present moment

Listening is not only a skill

It’s a gift for those who seek for the truth

It’s bread for those who consume Silence

Listening does not only connect the world to you

It connects you to the realm of eternity

Listening to silence is the most neglected part of life

Silence is a laboratory of renewal, healing and spiritual growth

Listening to silence is the most valuable activity you can ever give yourself

Patience is the path to Silence

Never give up on your quest to quench your thirst

The path of light is made up of Love

It’s at the table of awareness that you will find absolute fulfilment

The craft of listening is your gateway to the most beautiful occasion

Listening will take you past the gate of peace

Into the realm of emptiness

Here you will be disrobed of all your thoughts and ego

And in your nakedness you will find the truth

The truth is that you are more beautiful than life

You are the most cherished being in the whole of eternity

You are the image of Love

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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