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This poem is a lesson for the spirit

Poem: Loneliness is real


This illness is real

Afflicting a large swathe of the human spirit

Affecting both young and old

Loneliness is not a community-acquired disease

It sprouts from the deepest gullies of the soul

It is not a blood borne disease

It is far more pervasive and entrenched in today’s society

Fuelling the abuse of alcohol and substance of abuse

Igniting a life of recklessness

Loneliness is a fatal disease of the soul

Unless diagnosed early and punctured

Loneliness will erode the substance of the soul

Like a malignant cancer, spreading to all areas of being

Disrupting the critical flow of sacred energies

The mind is not equipped to fight loneliness

It will deploy logic and the result will be catastrophic

The body is not designed to handle loneliness

It is a far bigger entity than we will ever know

Loneliness is a spiritual desert

A realm of perpetual longing

A lost world with no hope

Regardless of your status in life

Or your material possessions

Loneliness can afflict you

Choking all sources of happiness

Erasing your footprint

On the surface of existence

Loneliness is real

We should all learn to recognize it

And suffocate it before it can gain traction

Look at your neighbour or colleague or friend

Be the first one to offer them this rare therapy

Give them unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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