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This poem is a call to love.

Poem: Love and love some more


Awaken the spirit

Let your heart be seen

In everything you do

Leave the fibre of your being behind

Love and love some more

Don’t hold back

Let your existence be a bright beam

To illuminate the face of life

Listen and always be present

Look and always be aware

It’s not the teary eyes

It’s the unseen spirit

That requires your attention

Love and love some more

Be the medicine

To heal the sick

Be the balm

To soothe their wounds

Let them taste your love

Let them see the spirit within

Brighten their day

Laugh a bit


And be full of joy

It’s not madness

To be present

And be the daylight

When everything else is dark

Love and love some more

Don’t let humanity stray into the abyss of darkness

It’s your duty to be the path

When everyone else is lost

Love and love some more


©Kenneth Maswabi




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