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This poem is a book about us.

Poem: Love, Consciousness and humanity


I have found a formula

To close the gap between the known and the unknown

This is not a mathematical hypothesis

Or an elongated question about cosmic debris

This is bread and butter issues

This equation closes the gap between you and your true self

This equation closes the gap between you and humanity

This is a solution to the inequality gap

This is not a bandage to hide the poor in economic gibberish

Or a great wall to divide races, cultures or religions

This is an equation for all religions, races and tribes

This is an equation for humanity

Love, consciousness and humanity form the foundation of our survival going forward

First you must apply your consciousness to yourself

Remove all the debris of selfishness

And place yourself on the platform of a spiritual being

Totally chained to the fabric of eternity

Look at your material needs

Is it worth it to bury yourself in the closet of individualism?

Or erect the wall of materialism?

When your destination is the everlasting life

Then you should untie yourself from your ego

Embrace your nakedness

Remove all attachments, identities, achievements and expectations

Be the vein of humanity

Be the vessel of Love

Empty yourself of fear

Undress your hopelessness

Stand on the pedestal of hope

Be pregnant with existence

Be in Love with Love

The eternal fabric

That binds us to each other

Fall in Love, stay there

Finally, take this Love

And pour it into the bowl of existence

Don’t mix it with the concepts of logic

Just let it be

Stand back a little

Love is a potent spell

Watch as you are transformed

You will vanish into nothingness

And your Light will be your existence

Awareness will be your existence

Clarity will be your fabric

You will fall in unconditional Love

With the fibre of being

You will fall in Love with God

Because God is Love


N.B. This is the title for my new book coming up in 2021

Love, Consciousness and Humanity

©Kenneth Maswabi


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