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This poem is a godly persuasion

Poem: Love is a godly persuasion


When love is placed in the hands of Man

He wants to decorate with it

He will attach his emotions to it

And place his seal of expectations on it

He will want to possess it

And make it a playground for his ego

Or an ornament that he can wear on his neck

He will do everything to subdue it

Of course he will fail

Love is a godly persuasion

Do not put your expectations on it

Just free yourself to be submerged in it

Don’t lick your fingers and think you can possess it

Just embrace it with all of your being

It is not a temporal emotion

It is an unconditional state of being

Lose yourself in it

And you will find yourself totally in love with it

Don’t question its motive

Or try to understand its depth

Just fall deeply in love

And hold onto it

Be in love with it

Until you become it

Love is forever beautiful

It does not want you to change it

Just to be changed by it

Into a beautiful creation

You are a vase of Love


©Kenneth Maswabi



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