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This is a love poem.

Poem: Love is a poem


The scented rose

Penetrates nature’s nostrils

Envelopes the erect posture of life

Undresses the heart of desire

Displays the nakedness of love

Love is a poem

For those who hold life in awe

To pour the contents of their hearts

Into the everlasting bowl of Light

Love is a poem

To distil the juiciest parts of life

Whether wine or nectar

You will find the taste of ecstasy

Not folded under the breeze

But erected over the bridge

Love is a poem

For those under the spell of the spirit

Totally naked souls

Walking the path of life unrestrained

By the aromatic nature of self-admiration

Love is a poem

For the flowers to shine

And the birds to sing

The sky is forever awake

To embrace the lovers

Love is a poem

For those lonely hearts

To find the flames of the spirit

To imbibe in the sacred intoxication

To swallow the pill of ecstasy

And unbutton their hearts

In the joyous spirit of love

Love is a poem

That binds us all

Into the Oneness of spirit

The eternal embrace


©Kenneth Maswabi



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