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This poem is a call to all to visit the river of life and be baptized with Love.

Poem: Love is my religion and my political party


It’s time to lift the curtain of consciousness

And let unconditional Love be the main form of interaction

A language of Love should replace the hostile stares

And the solid look on the face of humanity

Our dialogue should be about equality and prosperity for all

Our work should sustain the life force of all our people

Regardless of colour, race or creed

Our classroom should be a place to provide nourishment to the spirit

A new form of education needs to be implemented


Love is my religion and my political party

Let humanity know that it’s possible

To uproot all forms of hate and violence

And truncate any form of wickedness

Let us be a beacon of hope to the aliens we seek

Let our hearts be an abode of the Most High

Let our spirit be a resource for all our needs

We cannot go on and stare into the shallow puddle of materialism

And expect our hearts to be quenched of thirst

Neither gold nor money can fill the gaping wound in our hearts

Our souls need Love for nourishment and sustenance

Our bodies need Love for homeostasis

And the prevention of diseases and injury

Our minds need Love in order to make the right decisions

We are a cord of life that can only be fed Love

We are a womb of existence that can only be dressed with Love

Love is the only philosophy that can annihilate our chronic lack of empathy

Love is the only medium that can take us to the Promised Land

Let us open the curtain of our being

And marvel at the substance of our existence

Love is the glue that binds us together

Love is the path of Light

We will never be transformed unless we drink from the river of life

Love is the oasis in the middle of this land of uncertainty

In Love, we will find peace, happiness and more Love

Let us gather in the tent of our being

And declare Love our religion and political party


©Kenneth maswabi

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