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This poem reveals the secret of true love.

Poem: Love is not an occasion


Looking back

Onto the lover’s lane

I have stumbled across so many tears

On the cheeks of so many lovers

I came to one conclusion

Love is misunderstood

Even by those who hold it dear

To love is not to enter into a relationship

Relationships can break, love is forever

To love is to give yourself wholeheartedly

Regardless of the outcome

You pour yourself onto the vase of Love

Not bothered by your own fears

Or expectations

You kneel down on the altar of Love

Not bound by the hope of achievements

Or any material gain

You fall deep into the chasm of Love

Not knowing where you are going

Or where you will end up at

It is not your perfection that drives Love

It is your imperfection that makes you a lover

Hold not to any reigns of ego

If you want to ride the horse of love

Just be full of Love

And you will ride into the sunset

Love is not a game of happiness

Love is beyond happiness

Love is both sorrow and joy

Totally wrapped together

Into a fabric that is resistant to fear, hopelessness

And uncertainty

Love is the sacrifice and the fire

That consumes the altar

True love has no conditions

Except to be unconditional


©Kenneth Maswabi




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