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This poem looks into the cords that bind us together.

Poem: Love note


It’s not a musical note

That inhabits our mind, body and soul

It’s a Love note

That binds our body, mind and soul together

This ancient sacred note

Follows the law of entanglement

Regardless of space and time

Our body, mind and soul are closely intertwined

Not by physical cords

But spiritual accords

The covenant of Love

Inhabits our spirit

Not out of hopelessness

But out of everlasting affection

This sacred relationship

Overshadows any physical animosity

It’s the ultimate spell

That binds humanity together

Into a bundle of joy

It’s near impossible

To pry open the heart of humanity

And undo the knot

That ties us together

Yes, many have tried

To stir the waters of the spirit

And cause a storm of hatred and violence

Through wars and conflict

Mankind has been savagely tormented

It’s the perimeter of Love

That holds us together

Into a neat family of diverse human beings

It’s the lack of knowledge

That brings hate and violence

Into the house of humanity

It’s futile

To attempt to untie this spiritual bond

It’s an abomination to curse your fellow human being

Because out of the oneness of the spirit

We were all created


©Kenneth Maswabi


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