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This poem reveals a big secret.

Poem: Love your enemy


It’s not a trap

Or April fool’s Day

It’s a sacred command

A beautiful embrace

Love your enemies

Depicts the battle of the soul

The awakening of the spirit

The victory of the eternal Light

Love your enemy

It’s not a song

It’s a fountain of mercy

The grace of God

Does not discriminate

Or judge

It’s the breath of life

That gives us the strength

To occupy the seat of existence

It’s not foolishness

To embrace your foe

It’s wisdom

To denounce the power of wickedness

Love your enemies

The best depiction of Love against ego

The ego wants you to fight

To annihilate the enemy

Love commands you to bow down

And embrace your enemy

Because you’re your own worst enemy

Love yourself

And Love your neighbour as much as you love yourself

It’s true

God is Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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