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This poem opens a door of controversy.

Poem: Madness


Many have placed themselves at the centre of the current constructed reality

Embracing the ever expanding science of materialism

Rejecting the voice of the spirit within their hearts

It’s madness to sit comfortably on the front seat of reality

When yesterday has been permanently deleted from the face of time

And tomorrow sits on the waiting list of the ever elusive reality

It’s not certain that tomorrow will come

Unless you have put on the garment of the spirit

And allowed hope to be your guide

It’s only the spirit that goes beyond time

And peeps into the everlasting realm

Humanity has been fooled

By the ever expanding field of technology

And abandoned their hard-wired intuitions

It’s true that consciousness is the architect of our reality

Only consciousness can paint our world with either bright or dull colours

Sorrow or joy, tears or laughter

Space-Time has no say in the construction of our reality

It’s an illusion that we have been feeding on for a long time

Madness is when we swallow the pill of science whole

And find ourselves totally entangled to the material world

We are forever spiritual beings

That will forever live in the “Now”

And have hope, faith and love as our guiding posts

We are forever empty of any material content/inheritance

Fully clothed in the nothingness of the spirits

When all is said and done

Let us put on the garment of the spirit

And fall into the mouth of Silence or the hands of prayer

This is where we will find renewal

We will find hope in the land of nothingness

We will find faith in the realm of the spirit

We will embrace each other with unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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