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This poem removes the veil of fear.

Poem: Madness


It’s hard to put a finger on the elongated structure of fear

That inhabits our hearts with reckless abandonment

This serpent is a far more venomous enemy than diseases

It’s capable of injecting toxins into the substance of our being

Destroying all the physical, mental and spiritual elements of life

It takes more than courage to face our fears

I have known courage, it’s a far lesser gift than hope

Hope is a weapon against fear

Hold hope in your heart and your fears will be decimated

It’s madness to put on the garment of spirituality

And still hold tight to your fears

Spirituality is a natural way of detoxification

Drain your mind, body and spirit of all the poisons

Anger, jealousy, hatred, selfishness…etc

Are all potent toxins born of fear

Far more dangerous than diseases

Hold not to your knowledge of fear

Pour yourself into the tunnel of hope

Hope is not a ray of sunshine

It’s the substance of spiritual warmth and strength

Keep eating the fruits of the spirit

And your days will be full of fearlessness

Conquer fear and you will conquer yourself

You will walk naked in the field of life

Not bothered by anything

Totally free and at peace


©Kenneth Maswabi



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