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This poem is a journey into the unknown

Poem: Man cannot live on bread alone


In my search for meaning

I planted a seed

Not knowing what kind of plant it was

I put my faith in the unknown (God)

I published my hopes in the journal of life

And waited for my seed to emerge

For the curtain of mystery to be lifted

For my blindness to be shattered

And my faith strengthened

I prayed for rain and I prayed for sunshine

I prayed under the blanket of darkness

And I prayed inside the tunnel of hope

It was not an easy path

To be lost inside the womb of existence

Not knowing what tomorrow holds

I sifted through many books

Just to pass time

I read all sorts of magazines

And studied all kinds of subjects

From geography to mathematics

I looked through the prism of the material world

Hoping to get a glimpse of the unknown

Dissecting all known knowledge

I was hoping to see the fibre of mystery

I studied medicine

And opened all sorts of pathways

To the top table of materialism

I was ready to forget

To remember not my seed

That I have planted many years ago

But something kept nagging me

Asking me to look outside the physical world

Into the realm of the spirit

It was the Silence within

That tapped on my heart

And a door was opened

Where I found myself staring at the bowl of existence

It was not something to hold and possess

It was something beyond possession

It was something to give away

It was unconditional Love

I was looking at the tree of Life

That has taken root inside my being

It was not its gigantic stature

That brightened my life

It was its petals of Light

That gave me hope

It was its beautiful image

That flowed through my being

Love is the most magnificent state of being

Totally undressed of fear and selfishness

Love is the seed that I planted many years ago


©Kenneth Maswabi



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