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This poem looks at the sources of the vast landscape of human pain and suffering.

Poem: Manufacturing pain


In the world today

We are all busy erecting the structure and algorithms of pain

It is not only in our collective consciousness

Where we are manufacturing the fibres and receptors of pain

Through our dissociation with our human nature

We have allowed ourselves to accumulate so much hatred

To the very things that make us human

We have abandoned our desire to help each other

We are holding tight to the ways of individualism and selfishness

Which are the pillars of pain

Our societies are slowly being dismantled by the agents of pain

Through their education, politics and economics of selfishness and greed

Our communities are disintegrating under the roof of painful decisions

That are meant to enrich a few and exploit the vulnerable

We have adopted an economic system that has nothing to do with our humanity

But much to do with maximizing the exploitation of the poor

And the accelerated destruction of our beautiful planet

We create pain when resources are gathered by a few

In their race to be billionaires and trillionaires

At the expense of the majority

We have created the scales of inequality beyond reason

We have planted the seeds of pain all over the landscapes of our human existence

At the individual levels, we are busy competing with each other

Pouring a billion gallons of negative energy on the streets of life

We are tearing each other apart by our desire to get ahead of each other

We are rupturing the fabric of our humanity with our poisonous material needs, wants and desires

Slowly inflating the fabric of our existence with the most toxic substance of pain

We are pouring a lot of expectations on ourselves

Totally destroying the substance of our being

We were created to hold peace, happiness and Love in our being

Now, we have created an ocean of turbulent currents of worldly desires

Fear, hopelessness and uncertainty are our sources of pain

This is the basis of spirituality

To undress ourselves of this web of pain

And reach deep into our hearts and address our true selves

In the language of the spirit – compassion, hope and Love

This is the spirit that will totally annihilate the trillion dollar industry of pain


©Kenneth Maswabi



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