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This poem is a warning.

Poem: Materialism


In the classroom of life

There were many equations

To calculate the cost of life

The price and the quality of life

Was pasted on the wall of materialism

The ability to be happy and the ability to find peace

All tied to the syllabus of materialism

Every child was taught to read and write

Starting with the alphabets

Not to create magical dreams

But to compose assays about life, work and turmoil

The composite sketch of materialism was always pasted at the back of our minds

Work hard and you will earn a better life was the mantra

Education is the key to success

Then came the numbers and more numbers

Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division

All tools on the blackboard of materialism

To count money was not emphasized

Since most people will be paid peanuts anyway

It’s only a few selected brainiacs

Destined for great things (wealth)

They will pass the exam

And go on to occupy the house of materialism

What kind of life is this?

That the majority should work for the minority

“Less than ten percent of the global population

Own eighty four percent of global wealth”

It’s a scene out of a horror movie

That inequality should be imposed on people

And poverty be dished from the pot of materialism

Yet life is full of these horrible stories

Of people living under the poverty datum line

No social security nets

Are big enough to contain the unfolding spectre of suffering

The house of humanity is headed for disaster

Unless we re-visit the classroom of life

And re-define success, happiness and peace


©Kenneth Maswabi




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