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This poem is medicine for the soul

Poem: Medicine for the Soul


The soul does not need any medications or injections

Or surgical procedures

To be liberated from its state of stupor (coma)

Or chronic state of neglect

The soul needs you to be present

Inside the house of being

It is the presence of your body, mind and soul

That will bring healing to your soul

Once the soul is healed

Your spirit will be rejuvenated and renewed

Your life will be fully restored

Now, Listen and listen carefully

This is how to bring your body, mind and soul under one roof

This is the hardest part of this therapy

Normally the body is immersed in its own pressures and stressors

The mind is foraging outside the room

The soul lies frozen in a dead-like state

Unable to fulfil its function of cleansing the spirit

We are choking it with our hopelessness and fear

We are tormenting it with our lack of faith, hope and Love

We are poisoning it with our selfishness and wickedness

The soul needs only unconditional Love

To be undressed of its wounds and drained of venom

The soul needs to be dressed with the everlasting life

The soul needs you to be present inside you

Not to be wandering outside the substance of being

Looking for any glittering pot of gold (money/materialism)

You are the medicine for the soul

Your ego is the poison for the soul

Take action now

And get rid of the poisonous sting

Be in Love, be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi

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