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This poem unveils the path to certainty

Poem: Mental Trauma and Spirituality


In these uncertain times

We are certainly filled with trauma

It is the invincible blows to our skull

That will remain open for years

The unseen mind is soaked in blood

The foreseen effects on our mental health are negligible

As compared to the unexpected and unimaginable

These are the deleterious effects of the mental blows we have sustained

It is impossible to predict what is going to happen

Young people are battling on many fronts

Unemployment, poverty, diseases and drug abuse

Are all ferocious forces pummelling the fabric of their mind

There is no penal beating of the mind

The hardwired functions of the mind are difficult to repair

The irreparable ligaments of the mind are too stiff to cut through

The forces of uncertainty are not selective

The body, mind and soul are battered

Unless you erect a buffer

Inside the fabric of your life

You will become a victim of these ferocious forces

The truth is that we are spiritual beings

All of our thoughts and emotions will peel away

Only the structure of our spirit will remain

It is here where we need to reinforce and barricade ourselves

Let us teach our young ones the elements of spirituality

Faith, Hope and Love are the permanent pillars of our existence

Peace of mind is not a meal, it is a deal you make with yourself

Discard all of your expectations, attachments and identities

Be naked on the path of life

It is the garment of love that will address you

It is the ray of hope that will deliver the truth to you

It is the oil of faith that will lubricate the fabric of your existence

Find the Silence within and lean on it

Don’t be afraid of the ferocious storms of life

Find courage in your emptiness

Be the fibre of nothingness

Be the spirit force that is fearless and hopeful

Fully adorned with the garment of unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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