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This poem is a horror story

Poem: Mercenary Mutant Virus


This is not a war

It is a genocide

When mercenary mutant viruses

Invade country after country

Bringing death to the house of humanity

Leaving a trail of widows and orphans

Breadwinners vanquished by the reckless bandits

There is no sparing of the disabled and mentally incapacitated

Or even the elderly and the young

The notorious outlaws have no mercy

Evading detection, they have cemented their evil plan

And are not afraid of shattering the tranquillity of the rich and wealthy

These mercenaries have disseminated their doctrine of death in every corner of the world

Bringing brigades of hardened variants to torment and abuse the heart of humanity

No one knows the full plan for their blitzkrieg, not even the timeline for their horrendous occupation

They keep on bringing fresh recruits to continue the offensive

Even when the house of humanity is on the retreat

Nothing has stopped their camouflaged battalions from bringing havoc to the streets of life

With their stealth technology, they have outmanoeuvred most defence mechanisms in the human body

Leaving a trail of destruction and scores and scores of human casualties

This is not a war, it is a genocide


©Kenneth Maswabi




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