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This poem is a seed of spiritual knowledge.

Poem: Mind, Body and Soul


Like a seed

That sprouted

Forming many branches

To become a magnificent tree

That touches the heavens

Feeding multitudes

Sheltering some

Roots so long

It touches the realm of divinity

Mind, body and soul emerged from the womb

Not divided by layers of doctrine

But moulded into layers of knowing

It’s the spirit that holds the bowl of existence

Mind, body and soul hold the fibres of consciousness

Not to out compete each other

In the many faculties of life

But to showcase the fruits of the spirit

Love, joy, kindness, humility and compassion

To bring peace that envelopes the tree of life

The body brings to the table the five senses

That sniffs, feels, finds, touches and tastes the fabric of existence

The mind brings out the templates of logic

To define the perimeter of the solidified (physical) existence

The soul is forever embedded in the spirit

To bring out the sacred elements of existence (Love)

And publish the manuscript of life

It’s the oneness of mind, body and soul

That contains the magical wand

To lead us to the path of Light

Where our consciousness is unfolded

Into an everlasting beam of awareness

Illuminating the entirety of existence

The realm of the spirit

The everlasting existence


©Kenneth Maswabi





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