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This poem is not a misunderstanding…it is about Poets.

Poem: Misunderstood


Poets are almost hidden from the fabric of society

Their role is misconstrued and mismanaged by academicians and politicians

Poets are anonymous witnesses to the brutality of life

As well as being the receptacles of the goodness of life

Their acute sense of humanity is often brutalized

Or sometimes vandalized by the insensitive nature of some people in our society

Their desire to change the world goes unnoticed by the mainstream media

Even religious dogma does not define the role of Poets

But the foundation of religion was most probably assembled by Poets

And distorted by the mainstream culture

Poets are not just madly in love with the flow of ink

Their mandate is bigger than we will ever imagine

Like an old bridge that is neglected

Poets are always bridging the gap between insanity and sanity

Holding cords of uncertainty and brushing away fear

Poems are not like a beautiful weaved web of lies

Poets transcend the very fabric of illusion that is pasted on life

Transmuting a lone song of sorrow, pain and loneliness

Into a beautiful melody of hope, peace and Love

Occasionally, poets are compelled to stand on the summit of existence

And declare themselves mad beyond imagination

This is not attention-seeking behaviour

This is the clarity that consumes many poets

Their consciousness has been ignited

And all the fibres of the unconscious mind have been revealed

It is true that all of the constructed reality today is not real

But poets have a way of penetrating beyond the veil of logic

And displaying the reality that lies beyond reason

With words, poets are deliberately dissecting the body of consciousness

Illuminating the inner bowels of existence

With words, poets are paving the way back

To the inner beauty that lies in our souls

©Kenneth Maswabi




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