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This poem is a bag of sadness.

Poem: Mixed emotions

The bag of my emotions is almost full
Not with the happy kind of emotions
But with the sad and the not so sad emoji
The burgeoning health crisis has taken a toll on my mental frame
I feel exhausted and dilapidated
There is so much sadness to digest
And all the happy hours have been extinguished
By the heavy hand of restrictions, curfews, lock-downs
My laughter is restricted from busting out of its burrow
My smile is held back by the sour taste in my heart
But I refuse to ingest hopelessness
I will not succumb to fear
I will stand amidst the storm
And my tears will wash away my sorrow
I will break through the barricade of hopelessness
And strive to see the light at the end of the tunnel
It’s not easy with so much of humanity in pain
And so many people fighting for their dear lives
I cannot even hold a beautiful thought for long
With all the sadness in the air
I can only bow down in prayer
To let my Lord know
That the house of humanity is under immense strain
And the roof is about to collapse
I feel better after every prayer
Like a warm hand has been placed on my shoulder
And a beautiful day is about to begin
I feel comforted by the spirit
I will look outside the window of my thoughts
And reach into the realm of the spirit
Here I can lay down my body, mind and soul
Inside the bowl of Silence
I will finally find the elusive peace
Just for a little while
Then I will emerge from the burrow of my being
Full of courage
Ready to face another day


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