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This poem reveals a hidden secret.

Poem: Moments of inspiration


Like droplets of gold

Moments of inspiration are full of magic

It’s not the sparkling beauty that arouses my senses

It’s the hidden message inside the envelope of time

These packets of treasure are not visible to most eyes

These golden nuggets are the most beautiful of all hidden treasures

In all their secrecy, moments of inspiration are everywhere

Scattered by the cosmic winds, these moments are heavenly sent

It’s the inner calmness that attracts them

It’s the light of awareness that illuminates them

It’s the amazing voice of silence that unveils them

Moments of inspiration are magical wands

That punctures the fabric of uncertainty

Releasing the scent of certainty

Moments of inspiration are like signposts

On a deserted road

They are treasured by seekers, dreamers and adventurers

Moments of inspiration are like windows

Giving us a glimpse into the invincible dimensionless realm


©Kenneth Maswabi




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