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This poem is a stand against the suffering of children.

Poem: Motherland


I come from a place called motherland

It’s the womb of humanity

The nest of existence

It is not awkward to be there

Because every meal is a beautiful flow of love

Every breath is a celebration of life

Every moment is a prayer

I come from a land faraway from here

A place where humanity is in perfect harmony

But now I am a witness

Brutality displayed in the streets

I have seen horrendous stuff in this world

Stories of children on their own

Motherless and hopeless

Poverty as their companion

And uncertainty their daily bread

Truly, this is a terrible place

Where simple human ethos are trampled upon

And common sense is scarce

It is an abomination to God to neglect children

An atrocious crime against humanity

©Kenneth Maswabi

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