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This poem is a journey into the Silence

Poem: My Path is Silence


I have listened to man preach

Swallowing the sacred nectar

And vomiting it in rejection

It is the dejection of the spirit

That ejected the word back out

The spirit has to be harnessed

In the emptiness of nothingness

Then the light of God will find its mark

Silence is not an absence of sound

But it is the envelope that wraps us into emptiness

Allowing the nectar of God to be tasted

By the emptiness of our being

It is this experience that gave me shudders

I have gone back to the bowl of Silence countless times

I have listened to Silence without tiring

I waited for the state of nothingness with great patience

I have been soaked in the waters of the spirit

Not to be confused with the toxic waters of alcohol

But it is the intoxication of Silence that allowed me to see

To look beyond my everyday life with its bouts of joy and despair

And be empty of the toxic substance of ego

I submerged myself in humility and entered the lake of Hope

It is here where I discovered the portal to the everlasting life

Unconditional Love is not only a state of being

It is the unfolded Truth displayed on the canvas of the heart

It is the meaninglessness of life given meaning

It is the field of emptiness illuminated

It is the substance of being nourished and polished

It is the only door to eternity

Love is not a compulsive state of being

Love is like a river flowing through the wilderness

It paves its way without the use of force

It opens gates of new chapters of life

Allowing awareness to take root

It unleashes the ecstasy of being

Giving us the true taste of happiness


©Kenneth Maswabi


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