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This poem reveals the beauty of the spirit

Poem: My poetic nest


Recently, I visited my poetic nest

This is a sacred place of my re-birth

Every time I come here

My spirit is lifted up into the heavens

And my heart is filled with both tears and ecstasy

It is a place up on the higher branches of consciousness

Where the world is held in complete awe

And humanity is a place of absolute beauty

It is in this poetic nest where I have given birth to myself

Encapsulated on the canvas of poetry

I have allowed my inner being to be known

And let all my fears be dissolved

On this branch of consciousness,

I have enjoyed an atmosphere of clarity

And consumed a lot of Silence

It is on this tree of life that my dreams are displayed

And my thoughts extinguished

As I dive deep into the realm of the spirit

To be inside the aloneness

To be the only fibre of existence

I have to shed all my life experiences

And be the tabernacle of being

I have to present the completeness of being

To the Host of all beings

I have to be nothingness

In the presence of the eternal Light

To be emptiness, in the bowl of existence

I have to be the Silence within

Inside the womb of life

My poetic nest is not a place

It is a state of being

It is beyond the dimension of time and space

It is the pedestal of hope

The home of unconditional Love

The abode of God


©Kenneth Maswabi


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