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This poem speaks about my two worlds.

Poem: My two habitats


Like day and night

I inhabit the skies of two realms

Blinded by my allegiance

I am beholden to both worlds

This is the parameter of my being

I cannot deny the existence of my outer self

When he’s the source of my sanity

Neither will I deny the existence of my inner self

Since he’s the realm of my dreams

I am totally mad to think you will understand

That my reality is not made out of solid atoms

I am a fibre of existence

I exist inside and outside the bowl of life

My inner self is solely governed by Silence

While my outer self enjoys the solid contents of life

I am nothingness that extended beyond the rim of life

I am also the petal of life inside the perimeter of existence

It’s true that sometimes I am overwhelmed

By the gravitational forces from both realms

Pulling me apart but yet putting me together

I am not solid as you may think

I am as fluid as the contents of emptiness

Sometimes I think I am a figment of my imagination

I exist only inside my dream

Maybe I am insane

To think that I exist at all

Maybe I am not here

Only my shadow

Yet again

Maybe I am the Shadowless dreamer

Or just the dream

But one thing is certain

My two habitats are real


©Kenneth Maswabi




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