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This is the poetry of poetry.

Poem: Nature is a Poet


The leaves are dressed to speak

Not to the uninitiated

But to the students of consciousness

Don’t look for a paper and pencil

Just be spellbound by the Professor of Photosynthesis

And learn from the author and principal of flora and fauna

The canopy of nature is dressed with beauty

In salutation to the Most High

The flowers are laughing and smiling

It’s not a scene from a movie

It is nature’s Poetry undressed

The trees do not need garments

There is nothing to hide

The beauty of nature cannot be hidden

Look at the sky, it’s holding onto its breath

Just to share it with others

To resuscitate the sick and weak

To nourish the substance of life

The wind is blowing

Not to scatter the secrets of life

But to address the needs of all

This is not a lecture about biology

It is nature’s poetry undressed


©Kenneth Maswabi



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