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A poem inspired by recents events in the USA where George Floyd died during a police arrest event.

Poem: Nine minutes of unrestricted hatred (racism)

Nine minutes of unrestricted hate (racism)


A heavy knee presses against my neck

It’s loaded with bullets of hate

It’s piercing my soul

I can’t breathe

I can’t breathe


Minutes pass by

No one is coming for my rescue

Should I dial 911?

Should I call the police?

I am passing out

Please help

Please help


More minutes pass

It’s the police

It’s 911

Breaking my neck

Oh dear God

What have I done?

Is it the colour of my skin?

Please help me

I can’t breathe


The last three minutes…

I have no breath left

I have no hope left

My brain is shutting down

No one can save my life

Not even the guy with the camera

He is busy taking photos (video)

To document my final episode

The End


Cause of death…Unrestricted racism

Dedicated to George Floyd…May His Soul Rest In Peace

©Kenneth Maswabi


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