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This poem opens a window into the realm of timelessness.

Poem: No time for competition


I don’t race

On the track of life

I don’t compete

On the stock market of life

I am not chasing time

I cannot fit on the palm of time

I am timelessness

Unfolded on the court of life

To bear witness to the story of life

Existence is my creation

I hold the power to distort reality

And make it meaningless

Reality is like a hat

That you wear on a cold winter day

It’s bound to be shrivelled

Soaked by the passing time

Reality is not real

Just another distortion of thought

I have untangled myself

From the web of life

No amount of force

Can choke me

Regardless of the moment

I am forever

I carry my presence

Inside my absence

I hold myself

Outside the hands of time

I am eternity

Unfolded on the doorstep of life

I am the beginning

With no end

I am the end

With no beginning

I twisted the hands of time

And held the curtain of life

Day and night

I am a single moment

The everlasting moment

The gaping window

Outside the frame of time

I am who I am

I am that I am


© Kenneth Maswabi



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