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This poem is an opening into the realm of Light.

Poem: Non-believers


I have heard some people whisper

In the privacy of their thoughts

That there is no God

They have reduced their being

To the cubicle of their thoughts

I know it’s difficult

To disentangle ourselves

From the phenomenon of the mind

And lie down on the bed of consciousness

It’s imperative to be naked

As you peel off the fabric of logic

It’s your nakedness

That will unfold your blindness

You will see the limited extent of logic

And unsee the many equations

That have surrounded your existence

Compressing you into a tiny speck

Inside the molecule of the universe

It’s not the structure of the spirit

That stands erect inside eternity

It’s nothingness that fills the heart

To not believe is a by-product of logic

You exist to believe

You are the realm of possibilities (spiritual being)

The host of the divine presence

You and only you can open this door

And step into the everlasting moment

I am not judging you

I am unfolding the curtain of blindness

So that you can see

Beyond the logic

And be present inside eternity

It’s the debris of life

That hides the Light

Only faith, hope and Love

Can clear the way

Into the limitless realm of possibilities

Not time or space

Consciousness is the bed of awareness (knowing)

But awareness is more than consciousness

Awareness is Love

Love is God


©Kenneth Maswabi


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