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This poem lays down the template of spirituality.






Poem: Nothing else


My vocabulary is limited

English is my second language

I cannot explore the higher branches of life

With words that are pregnant with extravagant echoes

I choose to remain rooted

In the simplest form of language

Where I can hold words accountable

And pour them into the field of life

To rekindle the spirit

And exorcise any demonic powers

To dissect the polity of consciousness

And let the vitality of our existence flow

It’s not possible

To explain the geometry of spiritual awareness

In layman’s terms

But I have circumvented this impossibility

By laying down the foundation of the spirit

Extracting the meaning of nothingness

Extrapolating it into the field of emptiness

Spirituality is not a science

That project its image on the screen of life

Spirituality is existence

That lives in our hearts

I have explored the fibres of Silence

There are not made of the ordinary substance

They are the ancient pillars of nothingness

That betrays any semblance to the physical

Silence is a domain for those who seek after the truth

It’s only through understanding Silence

That one can be allowed to proceed

Into the realm of the spirit

Ego is a garment of foolishness

It’s totally prohibited in the sacred dimension of Light

Nakedness is the true garment of the self

It holds not to foreign identities or attachments or expectations

Nakedness is a form of pure spiritual awareness

It’s the geometry of consciousness

That inhabits our naked bodies

It’s truly majestic

To embrace your naked soul

Here you will find hope, faith and Love

You will be introduced to the path of Light

And be led into an expedition

That tests your mantle

Compassion is a virtue

For those who know the Truth

Humility is a garment

In the dimension of Light

Love is the fabric of existence

Love is the essence of life

Be in Love

Be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi







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