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This poem speaks about the ultimate state of being.

Poem: Nothingness – an extraordinary existence

Let me not fiddle with my imagination

I have not touched the stem of my mind in a long time

I can only sit down inside the canvas of Silence

It is a place where I feel most at home

There is no logic to wrestle with here

Just the tranquillity of life

Served in the most beautiful bowl – Emptiness

This substance is far more intoxicating than life

It is fully loaded with the molecules of happiness, peace and Love

It is clearly meant to be consumed by those who are full of selflessness

It is the extraordinary existence that draws me into this sanctified place

An existence with no identities, attachment and expectations

A place not entangled in any temporal achievements

A place of faith, hope and Love

You cannot leave your footprints on the carpet of existence

There are no echoes or any other distortions

This place has no ripples of uncertainty or hopelessness

There are no trinkets of logic to fiddle with

This place is not empty though

It is fully loaded with the sacred substance of being (Nothingness)

In this state, one is undressed of all knowledge

And in this nakedness, one is clothed with nothing but unconditional Love

It is this garment of Love that is full of the unknown

It is a river of life and a path of Light

A beautiful existence beyond the scope of my mental capacities

Fortunately, I am far away from my mind

I am now inside the everlasting existence

I can only follow the path of Light

And be one with the ultimate existence – Nothingness

©Kenneth Maswabi




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