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This is a poem about Love and for Love.

Poem: Of Love and Poetry


I started off as a Lover

Then poetry followed me

I tried to cast a spell

To hide my madness

Poetry broke the shell

Inside my being

And I became a true Lover

I think Love is the ultimate poem

Inside my poetry

I can only look for Love

And then I will find my poems

Poetry is the broken pieces of me

Love is the wholeness of poetry

I am pieces of my poems

Scattered on the canvas of life

Love is the medicine to make me whole

In my solitude, poetry became my Love

In my poetry, Love became my being

I am totally in Love with Love

Poetry is my hideout

Where I can be a Lover

Inside the canopy of poems

It’s totally madness

But this is sweet insanity

Don’t look at me

You might see flames

It’s not my heart that is burning

It’s my soul fully illuminated

Don’t hold Love in your hands

You will burn

Just let Love hold you

Then you will be flames like me

Sometimes I write about Love

Other times I just become Love

Love is my sickness and my medicine

Poetry is my hospital and my doctor

I can only be a Lover

Inside this furnace of Love

Love is my fire

Poetry is the matchstick


©Kenneth Maswabi




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