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This poem depicts the intersection of the modern world through sports.

Poem: Olympic Theatre


In this fabulous house of thriller

The best athletes come out on top of the world

The rest have fulfilled their lifetime goals

To be present inside the Olympic theatre

This time there is a horrendous act on display

Covid-19 pandemic is premiering for the first time at the Olympics

The usual protocols of merry and cheer are not followed

I guess it is befitting to say “eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we die”

The rising temperatures are not part of the special effects

The forecasted typhoon is not out of a horror movie scene

This is Tokyo 2020 or should we say Tokyo 20Covid-19

On the lighter (or darker) side, medals are pouring down

The usual big and wealthy nations are scooping all the medals

In a bombastic show of the era of big money

The rich countries are on top of the charts

Sports has been infiltrated by the tentacles of capitalism

Every merchandize is branded

Every athlete is up for the highest bidder

We are witnessing the intersection of the modern world

Money, disease, fear and uncertainty

All came down to witness a historic event

Against all odds, the Olympics are happening

Tokyo 2020…Tokyo20Covid-19…Tokyo whatever is a beautiful movie to watch


©Kenneth Maswabi



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