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This poem celebrates my life from the humble beginning on my mother’s lap where learnt the art of Love. To Love is to step into your true self.

Poem: On my mother’s lap

I remember not my mother’s lap

Where I learnt the art of Love

I remember not her warm embrace

As she addressed my needs

I remember not her beautiful smile

On the day I was born

It’s all stored somewhere in my being

Somewhere closer than I thought

It’s who I am

The open album of my memory

Governs every part of my being

Allowing my mother’s love

To continue to flow

Into the skies of my being

I remember not many things

But one thing is true

I hold dear to my existence

The only gift left from my mum

It’s the only gift to humanity

I hold dear to life

The only source of my hope

I am forever in Love with Love

The essence of my life

It’s my dream

To fall in Love everyday

And to wake up full of Love

Love is my medicine

And my story

Be in Love

Be the Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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