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This poem unveils the journey back to realm of the spirit

Poem: On my way back

In my human capacity
I am as inflatable as a balloon
Capable of being stuffed with the contents of life
Filled with excitement and all sorts of desires
I can be deflated as well
Extinguished of all my joy, blanketed by sorrow
I can reach the valley of sadness and be a desolate place
But I try to find my way back home to the realm of nothingness
And on my way home, I have to gather my body, mind and soul
Consume a lot of Silence
And be empty of all acquired knowledge
On my way home, I have to undress myself of life
And be the vast emptiness of existence
I have to occupy the vessel of nothingness
And be the solitary fiber of existence
That stretches from the beginning to the end of life
That is swallowed by death across dimensions
Into the dimensionless realm
On my way home, time and space are dissolved
And nothingness inhabits the cord of my being
Like Silence, I am nowhere and everywhere
I am only awaiting the arrival of poetry
When I am manifested on the canvas of life
As a poem, I am totally submerged in the fabric of existence

©Kenneth Maswabi

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