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This poem is a spirituality poem that focuses on the importance of opening up to yourself, appreciating and celebrating your life.

Poem: On the mirror’s edge

There is a point where ego is shattered

And reality is wiped clean

At this point, the self is displayed

All weakness and strengths palpated

And the constructed reality enhanced

Or totally destroyed

It’s at this point

When you have to choose

To put on the mask

Or let go of your ego

To see the truth

Or to manufacture the lies

To marvel at the beauty of your soul

Or to revile your very own existence

It’s at this point where your spirituality undergoes a litmus test

And your ego is either nourished or shredded

It’s not necessary

To judge yourself

You only need to appreciate your existence

And celebrate your life

It doesn’t matter

Who you are and how you are

Or what you do for a living

On the mirror’s edge

You can choose to see your true self


© Kenneth Maswabi


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