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This poem is a mixture of love and moonlight.

Poem: Once upon a new full moon


Love was manufactured on a thin slice of moonlight

No birds to cheer because the night sky was painted with the hues of silence

Not even the millions of glittering stars could spell the name of the season

It was a season of Love, warmth and moonlight

It was not a time to cry or laugh

It was a time to listen to the heart as it melted inside the spell of the moon

Like flowing water in a creek, Love is smooth and peaceful

You don’t have to have big taste buds or a big head

Love is the taste and the nectar

You just have to let go of your fear

The moonlight is here for you

To serve your desires and bring you to the table of ecstasy

Love is your condition and your medicine

Wallow in it, be it

Don’t worry about tomorrow

It is a night to remember


©Kenneth Maswabi



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