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This poem speaks about our current situation…we are forced to cook with a one legged pot.

Poem: One legged pot


Science has brought us here

Now we have to cook with a one legged pot

The mind, body and spirit has to work together

But the denialism about the workings of the spirit has maimed us

Obliterating our ability to access the whole faculty of consciousness

Religion has also contributed to the loss of interest in spirituality

With their dogmatic approach to issues of consciousness

In order to address our problems in a holistic approach

We need to re-visit the curriculum of human affairs

And erase the mentality of science based knowledge and understanding of life

We need to incorporate all forms of knowledge and wisdom

And pave a better path for humanity

Right now we think the issues of covid-19 disease are only physical and economical

Once again we are going to leave the spirit and part of the mind behind

We are going to do piecemeal therapies with vaccines and think all is well

The mind is going to continue to suffer (loss, depression…etc)

The spirit is actually being renewed by suffering and hopelessness

The spirit is polished in the presence of uncertainty

Humanity will emerge from the scourge of Covid-19 disease with a better spirit

That is if we learn from the classroom of disaster and crisis management

And open the heart of compassion, goodness and love

We have to open the avenues of wealth to all

And distribute the resources equally

We need to erase the concept of poverty

And re-dress the geographic anomaly of wealth flow

We need to get rid of the one-legged pot

And embrace the body, mind and spirit as a whole

Then we will prevent the next pandemic


©Kenneth Maswabi


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