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This poem is about hope.

Poem: One step at a time


With turmoil soaked in our skin

Hope seems like a billion years away

Like a distant sky, hope is a mirage in our eyes

But let us put on the garment of hope

Hold not onto the shackles of fear

This turmoil that drenches our hearts

Will one day melt away

And on its place, a new day will emerge

This is the day of celebration

Like never before, we will celebrate life

With victory in our hands, we will ululate

We will know the cost of every moment of our existence

We will count our blessings

We will know the essence of our being

And we will find ourselves totally free

Free from the savage hands of bondage

The fibre of our being will find rest

Not in the comfort of our material possessions

But in the knowledge of our true selves

Our stories of hope will be treasures in our chest

Like never before, we will cherish our relationships

We will embrace our true nature and be true to ourselves

We will have the scars

But our hearts will hold the key

To the most sacred house of being

The Truth is the most beautiful part of us

The lesson for today is that life is precious

Regardless of the turmoil, life is beautiful and sacred

Let us rise above our thoughts and emotions

And learn to see beyond our constructed reality

Let us sit on the pedestal of hope for a while

This is the therapy that we need

This is medicine to our souls

The cleansing of our being is not a one day job

We have to be patient and take it one step at a time

It will be over soon


©Kenneth Maswabi




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