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This poem implores people to search for their true selves.

Poem: Open your eyes


The heart is an open book

Waiting to be discovered

It’s a manuscript of wisdom

Waiting to be read

The heart is library of eternal pearls

An ocean waiting to be explored

A window of hope

Waiting to be opened

The heart is a school of knowledge

A classroom of faith, hope and love

A door to the everlasting life

Waiting to be unlocked

The heart is a spiritual portal

An opening into the realm of light

A funnel into the most beautiful existence

The heart is a sacred place

A place of Silence

A source of Love

Open your eyes

Beyond the world

Look into the inner self

Humble yourself

Search for your heart

Look for the door

Open it

Stay there for a while

It’s invigorating and empowering

A beautiful garden

Full of nutritious nectar and honey

It’s the abode of your true self

The house of the sacred spirit (Love)

An existence beyond imagination


©Kenneth Maswabi




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