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This poem will submerge you in the ocean of awareness.

Poem: Pain, joy and Love

Pain, joy and Love


In the beginning

The womb of existence in its infancy

The fabric of life not fully developed

The mind, body and soul not yet divided

The seed of the spirit planted firmly in nothingness

The fibre of consciousness submerged in the everlasting ocean of awareness

The house of eternity totally illuminated

It was these three state of being that stood at the gate of knowledge

Pain, joy and Love filled the moment of labour (dawn of creation)

When the womb of life was fully matured

The birth of humanity imminent

God the Almighty felt the intense pain of creation

God the Almighty felt the intense joy of creation

God the Almighty felt the intense Love of creation

Pain, joy and Love form the basis for all our human experiences

It’s not sorrow or loneliness that inhabits the core of our being

It’s the sum of all of God’s feelings for us (humanity)

It’s the pain of detachment

The joy of attachment

The Love of the everlasting covenant (Oneness)

That protrudes from the core of our being

God is the source of our pain, joy and Love

God feels our pain, joy and Love

It’s only through faith, hope and Love

That we are united with our path (Truth/God)

That we are healed of our pain

And our joy is restored

Our Love is fully manifested


©Kenneth Maswabi



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