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This poem stabs at the accepted reality…puncturing the inflated solid matter.

Poem: Physicality


It is hard to argue with the hard surface of reality

Always pointing at the solid substance of matter

Picturing it with gigantic mathematical equations

Showcasing it with wild chemical reactions

We have encapsulated ourselves into physical beings

Denying everything that points to nothingness (spirit)

Hiding everything that denounces our doctrine


Physicality seems to be imprinted everywhere

Yet it’s almost impossible to distinguish the real and the unreal

From atoms and molecules to the whole universe

Everything we see depends on the workings of our consciousness

Our thoughts and ideas are all born out of nothingness (unknown)

Yet we choose to point to the hard surface of reality

As the sole source of reality


The five senses has inflated the physical world

Overpowering the hidden sense of intuition

Erasing any sense of hope

We are now struggling with the idea of Love

A spiritual reality that is more potent than anything we see, hear, touch or smell

Love is now an insane concept that lies outside the perimeter of accepted physical model of reality


Physicality also forms the base for our preconceived ideas about our origin

Planting a gigantic malignancy into our psyche

We chose evolution rather than creation

Hiding behind our physical features and erect stature

We destroyed all evidence pointing to the existence of the soul (spirit)

Obsessed with tormenting those who are different

The colour of the skin has been a weapon of choice for thousands of years

Annihilating those who are perceived to be different

Pushing billions of dark-skinned people into abject poverty

Pitting neighbours against each other

The cosmetics of colour is an enormous industry

From finger nails to the colour of our eyes

We are continual obsessed with our outward look

Neglecting all the contours of our spirituality

We have been blinded by the intensity of our ego



Kenneth Maswabi






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