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This poem reveals the spirit beneath humanity.

Poem: Poetry is a form of learning


Every time I open a poetry page

I am thrown out of the cavity of my skin

Not by the power of words per se

But by the many nations and cultures represented

It’s not only a fantastic place to learn about the world

It’s a beautiful place to learn about the many facets of the self

Even though the human self has multiplied itself

Into many forms of biopsychosocial entities

And formed many identities, attachments and expectations

It has not at all affected the human spirit

It’s amazing to find that the spirit within has not changed at all

The human spirit has stuck to its fabric

Full of passion and absolutely beautiful

Regardless of the politics, religion, race or geographical location

The human spirit feels pain, joy and love

Regardless of the advanced world of technology it lives in

The spirit enjoys the simple things in life

It’s the spiritual fibre of life

Love, hope and faith

Humility, peace, compassion

It’s not even bothered by the many achievements or wealth

It seeks only happiness, love and hope

The spirit draws from its vast reserves in the spirit world

Spreading its love and beauty

It’s a beautiful experience

To come across so many souls

That represent the one human spirit


©Kenneth Maswabi




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