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This poem is exciting and full of ecstasy.

Poem: Poetry is a vessel of freedom


With tiny little words

My heart is nourished

My mind explored

My soul illuminated

I am poetry’s maiden

Not married to circumstances

I am nature’s friend

No storm is big enough

I am a vessel of poetry

Not a whole lake

But enough to satisfy your needs

I am the sky overlooking your heart

I find my thrill inside people’s hearts

My colour is your weather

Sometimes it’s sorrow dripping out of my pen

Other times I am faraway in distant realms

Soaking you with silence

It’s the warmth of my heart

That shines the ray of hope

I am a vessel of freedom

Come with me to the land of peace

You don’t have to pay a fee

I will travel inside your heart

I will explore your fears

And nourish your spirit

I will be your tears

Just to remove some of your sorrow

Poetry is a vessel of my freedom

I want to lend you my heart

May be you can be my love poem

And together we can fly away

To the land of everlasting Love


©Kenneth Maswabi




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