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This poem is a plea for forgiveness.

Poem: Poetry of the heart


My heart is a well

Forgive me for the swell of poetry

It’s the swollen lakes of my heart

That pours out rivers of poems

Not to flood your reality

But to nourish the spirit

I am forever under the spell

Love is my madness

And I am addicted

To the heart of man (woman)

I am a spirit poet

Swallowed whole

By the ocean of Love

I am a swollen vessel

That pours out sorrow

Into the street of life

Not to bring distress

But to shine the beacon of hope

On those wounds that are neglected

I am not an academician

To write to great journals

I can only write to your heart

Where the open door of the spirit

Knows my footsteps

I am totally indebted to you

For being my mirror

To see through my pain

To hold my tears

But yet again to feel my joy

As I walk naked inside the realm of the spirit

Totally free from the many identities

Or attachments

That define mankind

I am a Love poem

That keeps unfolding

Be in Love

For it to flow through you

Be the Love

For it to flow into you


©Kenneth Maswabi



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