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This poem is a celebration of Poets.

Poem: Poets are like flowers


The canvas of poetry is a true wilderness

Completely covered with blooming flowers

Occasionally, you will meet thorns and dark valleys

But the vast landscape of poetry is covered in beauty

All colours are displayed in their true essence

It is never a dull moment when you venture out into the heart of Poetry

And get to meet so many words

Words that are truly remarkable

Dressed with all sorts of scents, colours and stories

Some of them are adorable like lilac flowers or water lilies

Others are stuffed with powerful messages like roses or dead horse arum lily

And are designed to send powerful spells deep into the heart

It is the innocent looking words that are more potent

Carrying their message on the canvas of their brightly coloured petals

Like a message meant for angels

These words are loaded with lots of peace, hope and love

It is as if poetry is a botanical garden with all sorts of exotic flowers

I have enjoyed so many colourful days inside the garden of poetry

I have met so many Poets through the sweetness of their words

And sometimes through the bitterness of their nectar

Poets are like flowers sent to decorate and spread a message of love

It is not the absence of pain in their words that bothers me

It is the presence of life in each and every word that makes me proud

Like a mother hen, I feel compelled to shield all Poets

From all the stresses of life

So that they can write from a happy heart

But life will be dull without the itchy feelings and the occasional solid nodule of pain

It is the combination of deep emotions and colourful moments that paints the canvas of poetry with beauty

It is the true essence of life that is displayed on the petals of poetry


©Kenneth Maswabi


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