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This poem reveals the secret of Love.

Poem: Poor or Rich

Poor or rich


In the realm of the spirit

There is nothing like material wealth

Love is the only wealth

Hope is the sacred resource

Faith is the sanctified vehicle

Poor or rich, do not despair

Tears are for those who neglect the spirit

And find total pleasure in the pot of materialism

The turmoil of life is not an excuse

Sickness and diseases are only lessons

To bring humility to the heart

Sometimes to puncture the veil of ego

And bring sorrow to our hearts

Poor or rich, there is no lesson bigger than this

Embrace your true self, Love unconditionally

Do not be blinded by the sweetness of this life

It is all an illusion, submerge yourself in the truth

And your path will be illuminated

Find comfort on the canvas of Silence

Aloneness is selflessness

It is the tabernacle of the spirit

Get to know yourself

The substance of being is the ultimate experience

Be content, life is a tree of hope

Swallow your pride, humility is for the wise

Poor or rich, do not despair

Love is kind


©Kenneth Maswabi

*My book Love, Consciousness and Humanity: The Shadowless Dreamer – The Illuminated Path of Silence is available at,, Barnes and Noble Bookstores and other online book outlets.


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